Sure, Fruitfucker should be right up there for words that probably shouldn't be allowed in the Sporepedia and I had, at one point, named my fleshy shark-mouthed ode to Penny Arcade FruitLover. But let's face it, what that devious little shiny robot does to fruit does not involve even a shred of love. Last week, months after the Fruitfucker I created with the Creature Creator got lots of attention and love (including from those inside Maxis and EA), I decided to upload the little beastie, sorta forgetting to change its name. The result was this email:

Hello , Your Electronic Arts account has been suspended for 7 days for violating the Electronic Arts Inc Terms of Service. We believe that the violation or behavior is serious enough to suspend your access to the service. Violation: Inappropriate Profile text or Avatar image Violation type: Inappropriate Language Asset Name: Fruitfucker Asset Creation Date :09.16.2008 Understanding the EA Terms of Service is extremely important, should you have any general questions or concerns please review the Terms of Service here: Should you then need additional assistance, or wish to appeal a violation, you can contact us here: Sincerely, Customer Support Electronic Arts, Inc. Customer Relations