EA Sued Over Copyright Infringement In Ten NCAA Games

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Gerald Willis, who composed the University of Nevada Las Vegas fight song "Win With the Rebels," has filed suit against Electronics Arts over the company's commercial use of his song in ten video games. The NCAA licensed titles under contention include NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, NCAA March Madness and NCAA Baseball series, spanning from 2005 to 2008. Willis is seeking "up to $150,000" for each copyright infringement. That could mean up to $1.5 million if it applies to each release, a couple trillion if applied to each infringing copy sold. The composer's lawyer tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the university has "a limited license" to the song. Wonder if someone at UNLV forgot to tell EA that... Composer sues game maker Electronic Arts over use of UNLV fight song [Las Vegas Review-Journal]


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Word to the wise:

Do NOT F%^& with College Fight Songs! Loyal team fans will find you and beat you down with team colored sticks!

There is only one thing scarier than a 300 lb. linebacker with an axe to grind. And that's the 300 lb. linebacker's loyal fans WITH an axe to grind.

I say to EA, if you're using someone else's music...

...PAY UP!