Illustration for article titled EA Sports To Challenge Wii Fit With More Western Approach To Fitness

The latest issue of Men's Health magazine — the one with beefy Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick on the cover — reveals EA's plans for its own Wii Fit-like fitness game. According to a recounting of the article by GameSpot, EA Sports executive producer Dave McCarthy says that the mega-publisher has designs of its own for a "a more Western approach to fitness, something a little more active that gets you moving." It's not the first time we've heard of EA's interests in getting you into better shape. EA's take on the fitness genre may see players "strap the remotes to their arms or legs to facilitate more athletic movements, from running to jumping jacks" and offer a wider range of movement. Sounds interesting to us, but we would've thought the "Western approach" would warrant a comfy couch controller, not all that "exertion." EA Sports looking to outsweat Wii Fit? [GameSpot]


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