EA Sports Offering Immortality to Pryzbylewskis of the World

If you've tried to live vicariously through NCAA Football as a big man on campus, but have such a F-ed up last name the announcers only referred to you by number, now's your chance.

EA Sports is asking you to submit your last name and its phonetic pronunciation for inclusion in NCAA Football 2010.


Log in (or create) an EA Sports World account, and you can send in your name to be included in this year's version of the game. Note, this is not absolute. EA will review it, and I'm thinking "Bleszinski," "Molyneux" or "Fils-Aime" might not make it. Although I would love for someone to send in "Shithead" with the pronunciation "shih-THEED."

This is a chance for me to undo one of my great regrets about this game. Back with NCAA 2004, I created a University of Denver team and put a bunch of friends and familiar names on the roster. Inexplicably, I named the quarterback after the then-spokesman for Denver-based Frontier Airlines (and a contact of a good friend of mine, who covered the airlines). Joseph I. Hodas was a senior, but a real dropback statue, atop the depth chart in an option offense. I realized I needed a younger guy, for continuity purposes and a little more adaptable to a flexbone offense. So Hodas got replaced by a sophomore midway through the Pioneers' first title run. My pal Dave told Joe what happened, and he was extremely disappointed to have been cut out of the glory in his final year playing ball.

So, here you are Joe, Five years later, I'm making it up to you.


This year you'll hear Brad Nessler say, "Hodas, back to pass, he's got a man downfield! Complete!"

Get Your Name in the Game! [EA Sports World]

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