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EA Sports' Next Facebook Offering To Feature Real-Time Gameplay

Illustration for article titled EA Sports Next Facebook Offering To Feature Real-Time Gameplay

EA Sports is set to deliver its third Facebook game, but unlike Madden and FIFA Superstars, this one will feature skill-based, real-time gameplay, instead of a build-your-club management style.


The EA Sports PGA Tour Golf Challenge, coming soon to Facebook, offers an experience-and-level-up career format similar to how clubs are developed in the Superstars games, but the golf gameplay will feature mouse aiming and click-swinging, club selection and shot varieties, so some choice and skill will be required. A statement from EA Sports promised the control aspects would be easy to master.

By playing, gamers can unlock world famous courses and other content, such as custom clubs and equipment. The game will also offer daily friend-vs.-friend challenges. Microtransactions can be used to get your golfer the best gear and boosts, naturally.


Tiger Woods weathered scandal in the first half of this year to remain in the title of EA Sports' golf offerings, but is notably absent from this one. It is the first time in 13 years that the sports publisher has put out a golf product without his name on it.

The game's being built at EA Sports Tiburon, home of the console golf game; it's the third offering from the newly formed EA Sports On-Demand team, which earlier developed Madden NFL Superstars Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online, the browser-based freemium golf simulation that launched earlier this year.

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This actually interests me, and I'm stubbornly against social network site games.