EA Sports Hypothesizes About Apple Tablet

With the announcement of Apple's tablet device appearing imminent, game developers are buzzing with excitement over the possibilities. EA Sports is no exception.

EA Sports exec Peter Moore tells Bloomberg, "If it's got a great screen, some buttons, you can turn it on and it connects to the Internet, it's got the ability to be a games machine."


The rumored tablet device is not believed to have buttons.

According to The Wall Street Journal, EA will be one of the companies to have titles already prepared for the tablet's launch, so this could be Peter Moore being coy.

Remember, EA has been linked with the tablet already, suggesting the games publisher will have a big presence at Apple's event tomorrow, at which the world seems convinced Steve Jobs will unveil its much-hyped, touch-screen tablet computer.


Video-Game Publishers Eager to See Apple's Tablet (Update2) [Bloomberg via EDGE]

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