EA Sports Happy To See Tiger Woods Address the Public

Tiger Woods' life changed forever Thanksgiving night.

Today the pro-golfer and face of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, due to hit all platforms in June, apologized to the world and "set the record straight" on what really happened that night and his past infidelities that came to light because of it.

During the short, no-questions-asked press conference, Woods announced that his hiatus from golf will eventually end, saying he does plan to return to golf one day, perhaps even this year, but that he doesn't yet know when that will be.


In an emotional press conference, which ended three months of seclusion, Woods said that he has been undergoing therapy and is returning to his Buddhist upbringing to help him deal with his faults.

We contacted Electronic Arts to get their take on his press conference, and to see if Woods' absence from golf will have any impact on the games they make featuring him.

"It was good to see Tiger address the public today, and we're supportive of his focus toward family and rebuilding his life," said Peter Moore, president of EA Sports. "He remains one of the greatest athletes in history, and as a long-standing partner, we look forward to seeing Tiger back on the golf course when the time is right for him and his family."

Rob Semsey, senior PR manager for EA SPORTS, added that their strong, more than decade-long relationship with Tiger, remains unchanged and that Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 will be released in June 2010 on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and iPhone platforms, as originally planned.


Those games could be that the only sign of Woods golfing this year.

More from Deadspin on Tiger here.

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