EA Responds To Spore Forum Banning Concerns

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When Spore owners were silenced by forum moderation staff for posting one too many SecuROM/DRM complaints on the game's official message boards, the internet-going masses were worked up into a lather. "Censorship!" they cried. "Business practices to which I don't agree with!" they shouted. A vague warning about your Spore user account being banned in conjunction with your forum account likely didn't help matters, giving the impression that loose talk about copy protection could render your game useless. More responsible forum moderators tried to clear the air yesterday and EA itself let us know that the warning was completely out of line and, more importantly, totally inaccurate."These comments are absolutely not true or in-line with EA's moderation policy," an EA spokesperson told Kotaku. "They were made by an over-zealous community volunteer who does not work for EA." "Anyone who looks at the boards will clearly see that DRM and other issues are freely discussed on the Spore forums, alongside other topics about the game," a statement read. So have at it, kids. The finer points of anti-piracy schemes are up for discussion! Just be careful what you name your Spore creations. Spore Fans Threatened With Banhammer Over DRM Talk [Kotaku]



Good for the public to express their dissatisfaction with the DRM. Even though it's a mess the attention will certainly be a good lesson for EA for future games.