EA Play Coming To Xbox Game Pass At No Extra Cost

A sampling of the games available via EA Play.
A sampling of the games available via EA Play.
Screenshot: Microsoft

Tucked into today’s announcement of the Xbox Series X pricing and release date was the announcement that EA Play, EA’s subscription game service, is coming to Xbox Game Pass at no extra fee.


Available only in the PC and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate bundles, EA Play grants players access to exclusive in-game content, early access to newly released games for up to 10 hours, and a wealth of EA titles. The service typically costs $4.99/month, but will be included for free to Ultimate Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscribers.

Right now, Xbox users can take advantage of the service to play Battlefield V; the 2020 iterations of the Fifa, Madden, and NBA Live games; Plants vs. Zombies; Titanfall 2; Dragon Age Inquisition; and more.

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So if you get it for free through Xbox, will you still get access if you try to log in from a different service such as the Steam version?