Xbox Series X Will Cost $499, Out November 10

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Image: Microsoft

This morning, Microsoft confirmed the price and release date of the new next generation Xbox. With a suggested retail price of $499, the Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s beefier, terafloppier, next-gen console, will be available for pre-orders beginning September 22, with a retail release date of November 10th. This news comes just one day after the leak and subsequent confirmation of the smaller, less powerful and disc drive-less Xbox Series S.


The Xbox All Access financing plan is also returning with the Series X launch. The subscription system grants buyers a new Series X console, access to the Xbox Game Pass, and Xbox Live Gold for 24 monthly payments of $34.99.

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Really curious how much of a loss they’re selling this at, for all it’s touted power. Sony’s discless ps5 will at least be cheaper, I’d imagine. But MS’s series S seems like a great value and entry point for next gen, at least for a few years.

Definitely one of the strangest leadups to a new gen, obvious circumstances considered. I have a feeling both consoles will be close in sales in the beginning, and for a while. MS has admittedly built a strong case over the past couple years going into the launch of the new series. It’s up to Sony now to not screw it up for themselves.