New EA dev shop 8lb Gorilla - because it's a fun-size version of the 800-pound simian now bankrolling it - is up, running and looking to deliver a new iPhone/iPod Touch title every month.

According to TouchArcade, the mission of the 'micro-studio' is a departure from Electronic Arts' previous mobile M.O. - which offered mobile adaptations of major IPs, with prices to match. 8 Lb. Gorilla will instead be focused on delivering games at a 99-cent price point, with a fun-to-complexity ratio you'd expect for casual fare.

In other words, something like Zombies & Me (above) - which 8lb Gorilla said play testers could understand in less than 10 seconds. They're hoping simple controls and a zany premise - in which you save grandma's house by herding swarming zombies under falling munitions - will translate to success. Zombies & Me will be released "soon."

Going forward, they're hoping to roll out these kind of popcorn games one-a-month, assuming no delays in the App Store approval process. I'm wondering if, because of EA connections and relationships, that will go smoother than them than for the indie developers whose turf they're pinching.

Exclusive: Introducing EA's Micro-Studio, 8lb Gorilla and 'Zombies & Me' [TouchArcade via Joystiq]