EA Officially Going After Wii Fit With "EA Sports Active"

Remember when EA said they were looking at ways they could take a chunk out of Nintendo's Wii Fit market? Well, they found a way. Aimed primarily at the ladies, new title EA Sports Active will, like Peter Moore said a few weeks back, be targeted at a more Western style of fitness, as opposed to Wii Fit's reliance on stuff like Yoga. EA Sports Active will include over 20 more active pursuits like running, programs like a calorie counter and "virtual personal trainer", and even go down the Wii Sports path with simulations of games like tennis.


To differentiate the title from Wii Fit, EA Sports Active will be based around the Wii Remote and Nunchuk (as opposed to the balance board), and the game will also ship with a rubber strap (pictured) that attaches the controllers to certain parts of the body (removing the need to actually hold the controls) for certain exercises. The game will also be shipping with a rubber resistance band, for strength training. It'll be available next Spring for USD$60. Sounds like a lot of work! Q&A: EA Sports Active-ating Wii [GameSpot]

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