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EA Not Worried Over Loss of Dante and Dead Space Leaders

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

EA is shrugging off reports yesterday about the departure of two of the top men behind Dead Space and Dante's Inferno.


Gamespot reported yesterday that Visceral Games general manager Glen Schofield and COO Michael Condrey were departing EA for Activision, less than a year after the release of Schofield's pet project Dead Space and the re-branding, under Schofield, of EA Redwood Shores as Visceral Games.


Kotaku contacted EA this morning to address not only the men's reported departure but about the seeming trend of developers departing or reducing involvement with a company that had seemed to be improving its image as a developer-first games publisher.

The company confirmed the two departures and provided comment.

"EA has been nurturing great developers for 27 years and making room for the next generation is an important part of that process," EA's head of corporate communications, Jeff Brown, told Kotaku via e-mail. "It takes a team to make a great game like dead space and and there's a stunning array of talent in the Visceral studio — creative leaders who now have the opportunity to step into the spotlight and have their talent recognized."


Activision was unable to provide comment about the reported departures for this story, but we will update when and if they do.