EA beats Acitivision's DJ Hero to the punch, launching its own DJ game as part of Club Fight Night, the newly-opened addition to the EA Sports Complex in PlayStation Home.

While the Club DJ mini-game looks rather entertaining, the real action is in the main ring, where two giant, player-controlled robots rock and sock each other senseless. One shall stand, and one shall fall, with the winner treated to exclusive virtual items to help punctuate their accomplishments.

Once you're done beat other players senseless, head to the DJ booth for the Club DJ mini-game. A simple rhythm game, hitting the buttons to the beat causes your avatar to get his or her groove on, with the club lights pulsing and throbbing to your heavy beats. It may not be DJ Hero, but it's free, which counts for something.

As if all of this weren't enough, EA also plans on opening the EA Sports Complex Pro Shop on July 30th, where customization is just a little bit of money away.

The Club Fight Night addition further solidifies the EA Sports Complex's position as the most fully realized location in PlayStation Home. Log on and check it out for yourselves!