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EA Kills Blueprint, Plans More Boom Blox

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Electronic Arts' mysterious Blueprint division is no more, according to a report from Variety. Formerly lead by EA LA vet Neil Young, the shrouded-in-secrecy project was reportedly established to create lower cost content with smaller teams based on original intellectual property. One of those unnamed projects was being developed by former Metroid Prime developers at start up Armature, but the majority of what Blueprint worked on was never publicly disclosed. It was said to be focusing some of its efforts on casual games targeted at social networking platforms. Variety also reports that a sequel to Boom Blox was in the works at the Blueprint group and by developers around the world, but that the project has since shifted to EA's Sims & Casual division. So, to sum up, a development division you weren't supposed to know anything about or likely weren't aware of is no more and a sequel to a game you knew was coming is on the way. Electronic Arts shuts down Blueprint, making Boom Blox 2 [Variety]