EA Is Making Another UFC Game

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After a promising but still too-barebones second installment, EA’s taking a third swing at the UFC.


EA Sports UFC 3 is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 2. Here’s what it looks like:

The big new features this time around are an improved animation system, a movement system with an emphasis on positioning and closing distance, a career mode with out-of-the-cage antics and storylines (finally), and new multiplayer modes that allow you to fight completely in kickboxing mode or test each other’s wills and bone sturdiness exclusively on the ground. Oh, there’s also a new submission system. Again. Hopefully third time’s a charm, because second time definitely wasn’t.


In case you were curious, Conor McGregor will be on the cover, because of course he will. On that note, I’m now taking bets on how the cover curse will manifest and reduce his megastar career to smoldering ash. I’m leaning toward either Nate Diaz returning as a literal giant and stomping him to death, or his very bad tiger tattoo coming to life and mauling him for positioning it such that it looks like there’s a butthole embedded in its snout. How about you?

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I want another Fight Night game. I love all the punching and countering and dodging, but I hate EAs weird ground game that never feels like it controls properly.