EA Is Having A Really Bad Week On Twitter

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Fresh off the Battlefield 1 Twitter snafu, EA’s back with another hot dumb tweet just for us.

This morning, the official Titanfall account tweeted this:


That link leads to an IGN review-in-progress of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, a competitor to Titanfall 2. It’s a boring tweet that wouldn’t be worth noting if not for this follow-up, posted later in the afternoon by Titanfall 2 developer Respawn, whose staff clearly aren’t pleased about EA trashing competitors on their behalf:

As you may remember, Respawn was formed by a group of people who left Infinite Warfare developer Infinity Ward and who probably still have friends and colleagues there. So it must feel pretty shitty for them that EA is taking shots at Infinity Ward in Respawn’s name, using a Titanfall Twitter handle that Respawn doesn’t control. Not a great week for EA’s social media team.

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Weird, twitter has always been known as a place of kindness and thoughtful insight.