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EA's long-running, big-selling racing franchise Need for Speed has fallen on hard times in recent years. Which seems to have the mega-publisher on the front foot when it comes to their competition in the genre.


Speaking (well, hating) at E3 last week, EA Europe's Patrick Soderlund had some rather unkind words for Need for Speed Shift's competition, saying:

Let me tell you this. I think Split/Second looks great. I'm going to have a good time playing that. Blur to me is completely underwhelming. I don't understand what's up with that game to be honest. That's an official statement.

Forza, I'm very confident we have a better game than them to be honest. Talking to the press, looking at the nominations, that's clear. So, I'm glad that they're confident but I'm as confident as they are.

Hey, Patrick, why don't you tell us what you really think!

EA: Blur is completely underwhelming [videogamer]


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