EA Gets Involved in Ashton Kutcher/ CNN Twitter Race, Offers Huge Bounty

If Electronic Arts' Twitter feed can be believed, the publisher has stepped into the Tweeter race between actor Ashton Kutcher and CNN to be the first user to reach a million followers.

Earlier this week Kutcher challenged CNN to Twitter race in a video. If he wins, Kutcher promises to ding-dong ditch CNN founder Ted Turner's house.


Last night, Electronic Arts Tweated that they would put Kutcher's millionth follower in a video game if the actor won the race. Today the publisher updated their offer:

@aplusk's 1,000,000th follower will get a copy of every game EA makes in '09 for their system and be featured in @TheSims3

Sure it's silly, but what's wrong with that. And as much as I want Kutcher to win, I want CNN to lose ten times more.


Kutcher's Twitter [Twitter]

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