EA Game Soundtracks As DLC?

Downloadable music has made music-specific games, like Rock Band, essentially self-renewing, as new tracks to play are popping up all the time. But when MTV Multiplayer's Stephen Totilo talked to EA music guru Steve Schnur (we talked to him, too), he asked him when we'll see the ability to change up the soundtracks of other games with DLC.

"You're going to see it in 2009," he said. He said that by "Madden ‘10" gamers can expect some of the "broader-based" EA games (not just any music titles) to be able to "continually recommend" new music that can be downloaded to enhance a soundtrack.


That makes connected video gaming sound kind of like iTunes, huh? But I'll ask you guys the same question Totilo asks: would you pay for that? What's it worth to you?

EA: Next Year's Non-Music Games Will Feature DLC-Enabled Soundtracks [MTV Multiplayer]

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