EA Game Sale Makes Fun Of Steam

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If you visit the Origin homepage right now, this is the first thing you'll see. And when the bulk of Steam jokes run with the premise of people buying a ton of cheap games that you'll never play, this ad seems like a clear jab at Steam.


Maybe the entire thing seems ludicrous to you, but between Origin's return policy and their free game program, Origin is genuinely doing some great stuff with their digital service—stuff which Valve doesn't do. Well, for now. Here's hoping that the competition changes that.

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Must be a typo: "70% off Games You'll Be Able to Play in Three Weeks After The Servers Are Stabilized"

yes. I'm still bitter about SimCity. YOU TOOK MY MONEY WOULDN'T LET ME PLAY AND WOULDN'T GIVE ME A REFUN =( that was my finals break, man!! And you stole it from me!!!!