Trip Hawkins founded EA. He also did the 3DO, and is slightly mad, so you have to take everything he says with a grain of salt. Regardless, this is interesting.

Speaking with VentureBeat, Hawkins - who now heads a mobile gaming company - says:

Between the iPod Touch and the iPhone, I think the platform is freaking out Sony and Nintendo. Apple has sold 30 million units so far and it has created tremendous awareness. It has taken ground all over the world. But it has only penetrated one half of one percent of its total market.

And you know what? Looking at these rumoured PSP2 specs, he may well be right. Instant, digital purchases is what's driving App Store gaming success, not the quality of the games. If the PSP does, as seems increasingly likely, move towards being a digital platform, that's got Sony covered; it's certainly feasible to see Nintendo, if not FREAKING OUT, then certainly being concerned.


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