New PSP Due Before Christmas

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According to Pocket Gamer, who cite a developer working on the hardware, an all-new PlayStation Portable will be out and on store shelves before Christmas.


This source repeats earlier rumours surrounding the design of the system - such as the fact it features a sliding screen (which reveals game controls) and also boasts touchscreen capabilities - while also mentioning some other stuff, such as the release window and the fact that, once you slide the controls out from under the screen there will be a D-pad, face buttons and two thumbsticks.

Yup. Two thumbsticks. Finally.

As of writing, Sony have yet to respond to requests for comment. Though you have to wonder, with the rumours increasing in number and gradually zeroing in on a common set of features, whether Sony will have something to reveal at E3 in a couple of months.

PSP 2 coming pre-Christmas will be an iPhone beater [Pocket Gamer]



Would they really push a new PSP so soon after the 3000 series?


Sony, please wait at least one more year.