This is fun. A former EA executive last week went to town on the publisher's business strategy and that of its boss, John Riccitiello. Rather than let the comments wash under the bridge, however, EA today responded. With snark.

The former EA man in question is Mitch Lasky, who sold a mobile business to EA in 2005 and resigned from the company's board a year later. Writing on his blog, Lasky said "EA is in the wrong business, with the wrong cost structure and the wrong team, but somehow they seem to think that it is going to be a smooth, two-year transition from packaged goods to digital. Think again."


Not the nicest thing to say, but then it's not like he's the only person in the world with that train of thought. The good stuff hits when EA's Jeff Brown decided to reply to Lasky's comments, telling GamesBeat "Mitch needs to try de-caf. It's never easy being turned down for a job, but most people don't spend three years obsessing about it. Since Mitch left EA, Apple invented the iPhone, Facebook evolved to include a gaming platform and EA Mobile became the world leader."

It's like the good old days of corporate to-and-fros. Only better, because it sounds like it's personal.

Game venture capitalist and Electronic Arts trade barbs [GamesBeat]

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