EA Exec Eases Concerns Over Rationing of The Old Republic's Launch

Despite saying in August that copies of Star Wars: The Old Republic would be rationed at launch, no one should worry that they won't be able to find a copy of the game, a top Electronic Arts executive told investors.


"We don't feel like we're going to be leaving too much demand behind at launch," said Frank Gibeau, president of EA Labels, according to MCV, "but we definitely are going to be very cautious and thoughtful about how many people we bring on and in what order."

Earlier, rumor had it that pre-orders of the MMO would be capped at 500,000, with only the first 50,000 of them guaranteed, the rest queued in a prioritized waiting list.

Gibeau said the rationing is necessary to ensure the online experience runs smoothly at launch. "We're using our beta test to inform us of what scale that we can handle," he said. "Our pre-order campaign is tailored towards how we're going to do that."


Let's hope it goes better than Battlefield 3's online services at launch.

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