EA Delays Dragon Age: Origins Until "Last Half Of 2009"

Illustration for article titled EA Delays Dragon Age: Origins Until "Last Half Of 2009"

Followers of BioWare's epic development cycle on Dragon Age: Origins probably won't be surprised to learn that the game has been delayed. Again. Electronic Arts announced a new "last half of 2009" release date today.


Dashing any hopes of the "early 2009" release date provided by EA late last year, the publisher now says the PC release will coincide with the console versions of Dragon Age: Origins.

The "spiritual successor" to the BioWare helmed Baldur's Gate series has been a long time coming, nabbing "Best of E3" awards as far back as 2004.

Dr. Ray Muzyka, general manager and CEO of BioWare and general manager and vice president at EA — who also may have the longest title in the West — said “Dragon Age: Origins is shaping up to be quite amazing in its level of quality and polish.”

While you wait for the hard-workers at BioWare to rub the game formerly known as simply Dragon Age to a mirror shine, check out our hands-on previews of the role-playing game.



I was planning on the console version as my PC is pretty weak. So, as long as the console version stays on schedule I will be okay. If it gets pushed to next year, I may as well be waiting for FF 13.