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While Tiger Wood's recent trouser issues led many - myself included - to predict an end to his relationship with Electronic Arts, the publisher is sticking with the beleaguered star. So too, EA claims, is the game-buying public.


EA Sports boss Peter Moore told GameSpot earlier today that when it comes to sales of Tiger's golf games, "We haven't seen an impact".

"We looked at December sales and then we looked at the year as a whole", Moore continues. "The situation with Tiger unfortunately happened over the Thanksgiving holiday going into the holiday selling period, but there was no degradation of sales we could see. Overall franchise sales for calendar year '09 were better than '08."

Helps that the majority of sales of Tiger Woods games would have taken place around the game's release - which preceded Wood's personal issues - but if anything was going to convince EA to stick with Tiger through this while mess, it would be strong sales figures.

EA's Moore talks 2010 Tiger Woods plans [GameSpot]

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