EA Buys Makers Of Flight Control, Real Racing

Video game giant EA, makers of Madden, Need For Speed and Battlefield (among many others) is snatching up Australia-based Firemint, creators of some of the most popular games on the iPad and iPhone, according to EA. The publisher gets the studio and the rights to its hit games, including Flight Control and Real Racing. The companies didn't announce any new games as part of this, but it stands to reason there will be some thematic overlap—if not brand overlap—between EA's Need for Speed gaming and Firemint's Real Racing. EA, don't mess up Flight Control. That might anger the guy who reviewed it for us.


Why? You couldn't just publish a Need for Speed game and leave Real Racing alone?

I hate you guys, I'm going back to indie games. Well... I guess I never really bought anything of yours anyhow, but.. God dammit, EA.