EA Are 'Pigs' Says German Critic

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Oh hey, now steady on. Can't we all just get along? No. Not if one of us is Electronic Arts and the other is anti-games campaigner Regina Pfeiffer, sister of Criminologist and anti-games campaigner Christian Pfeiffer, previously responsible for getting Army of Two refused classification in Germany, among others. Shouting from the audience at the Computer Game and Violence conference in Munich, Regina called EA “a pig of a company.” in protest at the company being outside the reach of her lawsuit-throwing powers. Rather than taking the high road and ignoring the comments, EA have decided to lock horns and have demanded a full apology. “ I can only recommend that she apologises in full – at least, [she should] if she wishes to be taken seriously again in the future,” said Martin Lorber of EA Germany. Oh, snap. etc. EA gets into war of words with woman


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here's a piece of trivia:

i've been a gamer and collecting games since 1988. In those 20 years, i've purchased (excluding the short lived Square/EA combo) all of TWO EA published games- Rock Band and Rock Band 2

From all the EA games i've played (which is a lot)they are shoddy, rushed and generally not fun. So as far as i'm concerned- they are pigs!