EA Announces New American McGee's Alice Title

Talking at DICE 2009, Electronic Arts John Riccitiello announced that there would be another Alice game coming from American McGee to the PC and consoles.


More details, he said, would be coming later today.

Live Blog: DICE 2009 - John Riccitiello, Electronic Arts [The Feed]

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The original game was great... to a point. Somewhere around the Red Queen's Garden levels I got sick of the bizarre jump puzzles and annoying AI on both sides (that Cheshire Cat was rather useless). I threw in a code to skip to the next level and continued through the end of the game. Being a fan of the source material, I loved the concept. I thought it was visually stunning and the weapons/controls seemed to do quite well. Maybe it's the Tim Burton fan in me that found the already twisted world of Lewis Carroll turned dark and even more twisted very appealing.

I wonder what they would really do for a follow-up since the original game kind of blended elements from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Through The Looking Glass and Jabberwocky. Plus... many crucial characters did not 'survive' the last game.