EA Announces Fight Night Round 4 DLC, Button Controls Slated For September

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Following calls from fans critical of Fight Night Round 4's current control options, EA is bringing a free alternative — and some other new content before that.


EA Sports announced two upcoming free releases of downloadable content for Fight Night Round 4 today. The first, slated for early August, will add a new gym, "new gameplay sliders" and new equipment plus an alternate version of Sugar Ray Leonard exclusive to the Xbox 360 version.

An early September release may be even more well-received as it will offer face-button control for all of Fight Night's punched. That update, for PS3 and Xbox 360 will be free.

The announcements follow the June 23 release of Fight Night Round 4, which won praise for its graphics and gameplay but took knocks — see comments here — for forcing players to only use the tilts and arcs of a controllers' right stick to throw punches and not offer a button-press option, as had been made available for Fight Night Round 3. (A DLC option was recently rumored.)

"We strongly believe that the refined Total Punch Control is the most intuitive way to throw punches in Fight Night Round 4," the game's senior producer, Dean Richards, said in a press release, "But we also want fans of the franchise to have an option."

EA sent Kotaku further information about the "new gameplay sliders" being offered in August. Those sliders will allow gamers to "tun and tweak the following attributes: Counter Punch Window, Boxer Stamina, Punch Accuracy."


Looks like EA is addressing much of the feedback from gamers. And promptly.


Glad to see EA listening to their customers and giving out FREE DLC! And its weird that people are getting mad about EXTRA OPTIONS. When has extra options been a bad thing? So what if these so called "noobs" use the face buttons? Its supposed to be about fun not elitism, its a freaking game. And if these buttons let the people who threw down $60 have fun, I'm all for it.