EA and Zynga have been tied up in mutual lawsuits over their Facebook games The Sims Social and The Ville since last year, but All Things Digital is reporting that today both cases were dismissed in California court. The companies issued the statement that "EA and Zynga have resolved their respective claims and have reached a settlement of their litigation in the Northern District of California." I would hazard a guess that some simoleons changed hands.

Back in August we reported that EA was suing the casual-game giant for copyright infringement over The Ville, which EA said was "directly lifted from The Sims Social." Not content to sit back passively, Zynga went at EA with claims that they had "an anti-competitive and unlawful scheme to stop Zynga from hiring" and were violating antitrust laws. That stuff don't fly in The Ville. While details of what happened behind the scenes are absent, both of those suits have been "dismissed with prejudice," so they'll be no appeals or second tries for either party. And all is well again in Facebook simulation land.

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