What resources does the shy E3 attendee have when a pretty girl shows an interest in them at the The Old Republic booth or a talk, dark, glowing-eyed Helghan soldier makes them swoon, but they don't get a number? Craigslist!

Craigslist's "Missed Connections," the home to those one-in-a-million shots at finding love after the fact, are also used by E3 attendees in an attempt to better know that accommodating booth babe post-blowing said opportunity at the show.

Are you this girl who loves Star Wars video games? "You are incredibly attractive, dark skinned, short with great hair. We exchanged glances several times while you were playing Star Wars at E3 on Thursday. We spoke briefly on your way out and you had the softest hands I've ever felt. You came back after you left and asked me for my email address and said you wouldn't forget. I hope you didn't."

Are you a single Capcom booth babe? "Capcom 1942 booth babe - the one wearing suntan pantyhose with her costume. I want to get your number. I would love to take you out and get to know you."


Are you a dashing Helghast who shares this person's costume fetish? "I was the slim, tall blonde (5'10, 132lbs) in the short black and white dress, tapping my foot and waiting impatiently by the exit of the [Killzone 3] kiosk for a friend. It was around 2 or 3PM, I suppose. I had been lurking around earlier but decided to try the 3D demo when the line wasn't so long. I made a comment about your costume being rather sexy when you attempted to spook me. I tugged gently at your vest and giggled and I kept coming by and snapping more shots of you. I did a little lurking, as I'm sure you saw, and I'm almost positive that you were watching too (well, it's hard to see past those glowing goggled eyes)."

Are you cute? Are you a dancing Caucasian? Lonely E3 attendees are looking for you.


If so, get in touch! You're probably going to get some action. Everyone else, your Missed Connections are welcome in the comments. See a sexy executive that you'd like to know more intimately? Don't be shy.

Missed Connections @ E3 [Craigslist via dinosaurrparty's Twitter - photo by Scott Spatola]