E3's Booth Babes Fail a Simple Trivia Quiz With Flying Colors

About a year ago, PAX sought to ban booth babes (pardon me, "costumed booth representatives,") using a number of tests to determine booth babe-iness (as opposed to garden-variety sexy cosplay). One of them was a lack of familiarity with the product represented.

At E3, Bitmob's 5HP put that standard to the test with a five-question exam of nine booth representatives, one of whom said she worked for GameStop as recently as last year. These aren't trick questions. You know all of the answers, and they don't.

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There's a curious double standard at work here. Is the point that there shouldn't be women there who don't know anything about randomly selected games? Are they dumb because of this or do they simply have different priorities and they're just collecting a check?

I play video games and:

I have no idea who the first three Pokemon were (I would've guessed Pikachu and maybe Squirtle - and the latter only because it's the only other name I know due to the Robot Chicken sketch).

I probably would've blanked on the Portal question (though I certainly wouldn't have named Star Wars characters - that was weird).

I haven't played Bioshock so I'm unaware of its inspiration.

I've never even heard of Bayonetta.

I would've gotten Link right.

So, 20% for me. In any case - I'll bet the women knew what they'd been told to know which is give information regarding their particular booth. If I went to a Ford dealer and asked him to answer questions about the new-model Subaru should I be surprised if he can't? What if it's an attractive female Ford salesperson - is she now dumb because she can't tell me what years Subaru won rally championships? Well duh... everyone knows that (everyone who follows international rally racing in general and Subaru specifically maybe). She's obviously dumb because she's a purty gurl.