E3 Day Three Podcast: Nintendo, Super Mario Odyssey

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Jason and I continue our Kotaku Splitscreen E3 coverage with Nintendo’s morning announcements. Were two Metroid games enough to energize an otherwise low-key E3? Is Super Mario Odyssey as weird and ambitious as it looks?


(The answer to both, basically, is yes.)

Listen here:

This is our third E3 episode—check out our day-one reactions to Microsoft, EA, and the Xbox One X here, and find our our takes on Sony, Bethesda, and Ubisoft here.

We’ll be back every day this week with more episodes featuring Jason’s impressions of what he’s seeing at the show as well as interviews with the people making those games. Stay tuned.

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Nothing on cloud saves... disappointing

Nothing on Smash 4 Nintendo Switch... head-scratching

Everything else though, points to a solid Nintendo Direct. I appreciate the bone thrown at us for Metroid 4!

Microsoft did what they had to do... and sold me on some great games I’ll get for Windows 10.

Sony had a good showcase of announced 2016 games, but were hiding too much. This is the system for great Japanese developed games, why not show off more of them in the showcase? It’s not like you’ll find them on Xbox!

We didn’t have as many holy shit moments, which is really what E3 is all about - Unreasonable and irresponsible hype trains.

No one cares about sales boring sales metrics, wants to see cringy developers fail at their games, or how much shelf space Gamestop needs this holiday season. E3 has long been hijacked by the fans and our appetites are ravenous.