E3 Day One Podcast: Microsoft, EA, Xbox One X

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Jason and I kick off our Kotaku Splitscreen E3 coverage with reactions to EA and Microsoft’s press conferences. Is Xbox One X a good name? Was Janina Gavankar enough to carry EA’s disappointing show? Are we more stoked about BioWare’s Anthem than Destiny 2?


(The answers: No, no, hard to say.)

Listen here:

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I’m right there with you, Jason. As someone who already has his console gaming needs met with a PS4, I have no idea why on earth I would want the Xbox One X. If I were in love with the idea of playing any of the Xbox exclusives (which I’m not, because there are only like 5 of them), why would I not just save up a bit more and build a gaming PC, WHICH CAN PLAY THOSE GAMES AS WELL???

Microsoft made a big mistake hinging their entire conference on that terribly-named console. Ugh, it frustrates me so much because I WANT to see Xbox do well.