E3 Day One: Get Ready For New Hardware, New Zelda

There are two things you can expect to see at E3 today that are super exciting: Nintendo unveiling a new piece of hardware, and Nintendo unveiling a new Zelda game.

Yes, later this morning we can expect to see, for the first time, the Nintendo 3DS, an all-new handheld from the company that has the potential to further cement its reputation as top dog in the portable console space.


We can also expect to see, for the first time, Nintendo's new Legend of Zelda game, the first one the company has released on a home console since 2006's Twilight Princess. And everybody loves a proper Zelda game.

Exciting, no?

In addition to those bombshells, Sony's big E3 press conference will also be going down, which at the very least will present us with the final pieces of information on PlayStation Move, and if we're really lucky may also be the place we see the long-awaited - and long-rumoured - PSP2. Or PSPhone. Or whatever they do with it.


If you want to catch Nintendo's conference, be here at 9am Pacific Time for our liveblog. Sony's conference is at midday Pacific Time, and we'll be liveblogging that as well. Anyone not on Pacific Time - which, really, will be most of you - you can convert those to your local timezone here.

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