Jokes referencing the villager character of the new Smash Bros. started to get stale a few days after E3. Then, suddenly, hilarious videos like this popped up, squeezing out the remaining potential of the character.

Outside of E3, newly announced and newly released games inspired people to capture the best moments as animated GIFs. Let's check them out.

Last week's huge LAN event, DreamHack Summer 2013, included some StarCraft fun with rather funny commentators.

Spock can act strange when it comes to defeating the Gorn in Star Trek... or doing simple things, like entering a shuttle...

EA announced Mirror's Edge 2 at their E3 event, which made quite a lot of people replay the first one. And therefore get a chance to experience these moments.

So NHL stands for the National Hulk League?

ArmA III and snipers, what could go wrong?

This must be one of the coolest Street Fighter gifs.

Even The Last Of Us can glitch out sometimes, and produce moments like this one. No more hiding for Joel.

Found a cool animgif or made something better during the week? Storm the comments and post them!

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