In Japan, video games with dismembered human bodies and red blood are often censorsed. Dying Light is no exception. Make that, was.

When Dying Light was released in Japan earlier this spring, the in-game blood looked green or blue. In the above GIF, you can see how Dying Light’s Japanese version (greenish blood and all) compares to the Western release (with red blood).

Japanese website GameSpark reports that this week, a new patch was released in the country for the game’s PS4 and Xbox One versions. (The game’s Japanese release on PC, however, doesn’t appear to get the update. Yet.) In today’s patch notes, there doesn’t appear to be any mention of the blood color change.


[Photos: GameSpark]

Many Japanese players have complained that the greenish blood “ruined” the game’s mood. On Amazon Japan, many unhappy people have been giving Dying Light one-star reviews due to the blood color change. The censorship might not be so noticeable when you’re killing zombies.


[Photo: dairedheart]

Okay, it is. What are those bodies lying in, motor oil?


[Photo: sogeeee]

Yeah, clean that shit up. That’s not scary.


[Photo: douga_real1]

HE’S AN ALIEN. KILL HIM. corrected with the new Japanese (stealth?) patch.


[Photo: m2_marumi]

[Photo: wildparty213rm]


[Photo: gamenohanashi]

[Photo: akiraDTbochi]

Is patching after the fact a way around Japan’s strict game ratings system? Last year, The Evil Within got around censors by releasing a separate “gore” DLC. But that, at least, was announced. As of now, this change doesn’t appear to be.


Top photo: kong2touh

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