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The loot cave will never die, apparently.

What began as an earnest attempt by Destiny players to painlessly earn loot has gone malignant and begun to spread to other games. Now Techland's Dying Light has caught Loot Cave-itis.


Spotted by poster Zabary on the Xbox One subreddit (via Eurogamer), you can find Dying Light's tribute to Destiny's storied cave in the upper right area of the map. First, you'll find some gear and a note that reads, "Your destiny is to become legend. Obtain more loot!"


Here's a video, via VGFAQ:

Kill enough zombies, and the game will say, "Enough! Patch 1.0.2 activated. Better do some quests."

Ha, ha. Good one, Dying Light! It's enough to make you wonder which game will be next to sneak in a loot cave reference. The Witcher 3? Arkham Knight? Time will tell.

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