Dyad is a Gorgeous Puzzle-Racing Game From People Who Love WipeOut XL

Probably the best way to sell Dyad, a "very deep hardcore racing/puzzle game," according to its creators, is to offer video of this unusual looking, but very pretty PlayStation 3 game. So, why don't you watch?


Dyad is the work of Toronto-based indie Right Square Bracket Left Square Bracket Games (or RSBLSB for shorter), who say this abstract, combo-centric racing game has a story "similar to the quest a particle might take in the Large Hadron Collider." It's a downloadable game for the PlayStation Network that draws influence from WipeOut XL, fighting games and, I'm guessing, maybe a little bit of Rez. It also supports DIY racing game chairs (or at least it did at PAX East).


The PS3 indie, which runs at crisp 1080p resolution and a speedy 60 frames per second, is due this summer. More information from its creator at the official PlayStation.blog.

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Introducing Dyad for PSN [PlayStation.blog]

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