Duriel, with his tiny-ass lair, slow-down aura and incredibly dangerous attacks, is an annoying Diablo II boss to fight. Now, thanks to this piece of fanart, he’s also terrifying to look at. Yay!

Click here to view this kinja-labs.com embed.

The one responsible for Duriel’s HD-ification is one Svein Yngve Sandvik Antonsen, who works as a character artist at Interceptor Entertainment (the Rise of the Triad folks). Turning the Lord of Pain from a lowly sprite (left) into a huge 3D monstrosity took him about a month and a half, judging by the post date on the relevant Polycount thread.

Here’s more images of Duriel:

Sveiny’s also done the three other act bosses from Diablo II, and he’s planning to do Baal next. Andariel, whose model is supremely NSFW, can be found here. As for Mephisto and Diablo, here they are:

Duriel sprite via Diablo Wiki.

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