Duo Behind Modern Warfare 2 Sign With Hollywood Talent Agency

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When you've built a zillion-dollar video game brand, you're not going to be hurting for future opportunities no matter how hard your former employer fires you. That said, Call of Duty's creators have signed with Hollywood's biggest talent agency.


Vince Zampella, the former Infinity Ward CEO, and Jason West, the studio's former president, have agreed to be represented by the Creative Artists Agency, according to the Los Angeles Times. Both were ousted March 1 by IW's parent, Activision, which had alleged insubordination. They've responded with a wrongful termination and breach-of-contract lawsuit.

The Times points out that most game developers are not represented by talent agents, so for CAA, bringing in arguably the two most coveted free agents in the games business is quite the gold star on their portfolio of clients. The Times adds that the duo were pursued by "at least one of the other top Hollywood agencies." [UPDATE: To be clear, CAA already represents many top game designers.]

It's hard to imagine the pair hurting for offers. Bringing in professional talent managers probably means this is a "have your people talk to my people" type of A-list job search, and for that, they need to have people.

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I bet they're helping out a studio to make a CoD movie. :)