Dungeons & Dragons & Dogs

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Dungeons and Doggies is a miniature release from Animal Adventures that lets anyone who plays D&D—and wants to go on quests with very good boys—have some cute dogs join their party.


The set includes 13 adventuring dog miniatures, as well as a “bespoke set of fifth edition compatible rules for using your Animal Adventure miniatures and playing as dogs in ANY campaign setting.”

Like most other miniatures, these come unpainted
Like most other miniatures, these come unpainted

Each dog comes on either a 20mm or 25mm base (so they’re the same scale as other miniatures), and while players are free to come up with their own characters, “each miniature comes with its own pre-generated character, complete with character sheet and short story! Whether you fancy being Hartley, a gruff and stoic fighter or Freya, a noble guardian druid, there’s a dog for every player.”

Dungeons & Doggies is currently up on Kickstarter, where it’s 13x over its original asking price.

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