Duke Nukem's Voice Actor Teases Fans With Duke Nukem Forever

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During a panel at last weekend's music and gaming festival MAGfest, Duke Nukem voice actor Jon St. John asked fans to "read between the lines" regarding his imposed silence over Duke Nukem Forever. Is there still life in DNF yet?

Every time we think the topic is dead and buried, someone has to go and dig it back up. When the fate of Duke Nukem Forever was questioned during a panel at MAGfest in Alexandria, Virginia over the weekend, Duke's voice suggested that fans should be curious as to why he wasn't allowed to discuss the game.

"He's asking about Duke Nukem Forever, let me go ahead and tell you right now that I'm not allowed to talk about Duke Nukem Forever." *crowd groans with disappointment* "No, no, don't be disappointed. Read between the lines. Why am I not allowed to talk about it?"


His response garnered cheers from the crowd, after which St. John made a crack about a girl giving him Bawls, and we begin to see why he was cast as Duke in the first place.

Of course, this is no official confirmation, and he St. John was under the influence of Bawls, but it's good enough to give fans still holding out hope more to cling to.

Check out video of St. John's panel at Peter Hirschberg's Vimeo Page.

Duke Nukem Himself All But Confirms Duke Nukem Forever [Pixel Enemy via Brave New Gamer]

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Man, who is the marketing company behind the duke Nukem developers? Do they even have any?

I don´t have a marketing company working for me either, but these guys definately need some PR persons who tell em when to just shut up, you know.

Its really crazy with this game, they made it seem like cancelled for good and then continued development yet again so often, what about just shutting up for a while, either really canceling it or only talking about it again when you REALLY are 100% convinced (because its finished and has been sent to manufacturing) that it will come out very soon?

Now that would make a big impact.

What they do now, which is every few months some random person somehow involved with the game (which must be half of anyone in the industry at this point probably :) )

comes out of the woodwork and somehow tries to throw something out there that should make it sound like the thing is still in development.

Whom does that help at all?

It just makes everyone involved seem even more sad (again, unless the game is really coming out in the not too distant future, as in sometime 2010).