Duke Nukem Voice Actor Harasses People In Duke's Voice

If you could do the Duke Nukem voice, like really do it really well, you'd probably call people and say things like "Blow it out your ass". Well, that's pretty much what the voice actor behind Duke Nukem Jon St. John does! According to John:

I often have friends ask me to place a call to some unsuspecting victim and get medieval on their asses in the Duke voice. I once called a radio morning show on the east coast and harassed the DJ's in Duke's voice...they had recorded the call and ended up using parts of the call over and over again on station promos!


And hey, Jon St. John will even record stuff just for you. Well, if you pay him money. For fifty bucks, he'll happily record a message up to 30 seconds in any audio format. And he has "no issues with profanity". That's good.

An Interview with Duke Nukem - Balls of Steel [ZERGWatch via VGB] [Pic]

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