Duke Nukem Teases D-Day, Which Could Be A Game That'll Actually Come Out

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According to the official Duke Nukem Facebook page, "Duke Nukem doesn't stay down for long." Or so a newly released screen shot of something labeled "D-Day" would imply.


That screen shot of a character who sure doesn't look like Mr. Nukem taking aim at a beast that looks Duke universe appropriate was spotted by Shacknews earlier today, leading to speculation that yet another Duke Nukem project is in the works in some capacity and that it could one day actually be released.

Or not. The "D-Day" information offered by the official Duke Nukem Facebook presence doesn't offer any further details about what the "preview pic" is for. It could be a snap from the on-hold Duke Begins from Gearbox Software or from the purportedly still in development Duke Nukem Forever from 3D Realms.


Who wants to place some bets?

Duke Nukem [Facebook via Shacknews]

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