The studio in charge of Duke Nukem Forever asked that press not film a trailer featuring strippers,"the word f—-ing" in giant letters and an alien getting punched in the balls repeatedly, because it risks a harsh rating.

Don't film the trailer? You mean this one?

Randy Pitchford, chief of Gearbox Software, which is now handling the game, asked press at an event in London not to film the trailer because "we don't want our friends at Take-Two to be punished for our creativity," CVG reports. This comes at the same event where Pitchford said the game's co-creator, George Broussard, lost $20 to $30 million during the game's interminable development, begun in 1997.

PEGI and the ESRB are going to get a look at the game for rating, one would assume, so this kind of feigned shock and eye-covering is likely just red meat thrown to the hardcore. Depending on how graphic that threesome was, I don't see how any of the details push this into AO territory, or its equivalent.

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