Duke Nukem Forever Spotted At PAX 2010

As this year's PAX convention is just about to start, photos from the Penny Arcade Expo show floor confirm that Duke Nukem Forevernow with more Gearbox Software—will have a strong presence at the show.


Publisher 2K Games is promising "something big" at this year's PAX get-together, which we can only assume is 3D Realms' long-promised but still undelivered over-the-top first person shooter Duke Nukem Forever, now that 2K and Gearbox have begun trotting out all manner of Duke Nukem signage and posters. The game's presence could be limited the opportunity to have your picture taken with Duke as a slutty schoolgirl, but we've heard otherwise.

PAX 2010's kick-off is imminent. Stay tuned. And always bet on Duke.

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Update: 2K Games has posted the following tease to its official Twitter account.


Let's just zoom out and see what that's all about, thanks to some promo artwork nabbed by Pikimal.


Update: Confirmed!

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