Will Duke Nukem Forever Come Out To Play At PAX?

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Last month, Kotaku was told that 3D Realms' ridiculously long-in-the-making shooter Duke Nukem Forever would finally see the light of day, thanks to a saving throw from Borderlands studio Gearbox Software. Duke's reveal was rumored to happen at this weekend's PAX convention.


At the time, Gearbox president Randy Pitchford would neither confirm nor deny that his studio was giving Duke Nukem Forever one more shot at eventual completion, saying that he may have more to offer at the aforementioned show. Recent chatter from those close to the Duke Nukem Forever saga might indicate that PAX is indeed the place for a reveal.

Duke Nukem voice actor Jon St. John recently tweeted that he "is headed for PAX Seattle tomorrow."

"See you at Q&A#1 in the main theater 11:30AM Friday...ask, I'll tell almost all!" St. John teased. Kotaku has been told from sources claiming to have knowledge of the situation that Duke Nukem Forever's next appearance will happen at the kick-off of PAX 2010, possibly at the "Penny Arcade Q&A #1" session.

For whatever it's worth, 3D Realms head George Broussard more recently (and more cryptically) tweeted an image of pigs flying, perhaps an indicator that the long in development Duke game is actually happening this time.

Take-Two Interactive, which holds publishing rights to Duke Nukem Forever, has an investor call happening later today, where it may or may not shed a little more light on the situation. We'll know on Friday if rumors of Duke's revival are fact or fiction.


It shouldnt be released! I mean, what would be then the next 'most delayed' think ever? first it was Guns N Roses album, then it was Gran Turismo for the psp, also Gran Turismo for the ps3 is coming up next, after DNforever comes out, there will be nothing to wait for!